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It's all about PACE and COMPLEXITY! We want to help you...
  • Support your child's pace of individualized learning.
  • Encourage a life long love of reading.
  • Suggest how to provide a variety of activities.
  • Nurture problem-solving and higher-level-thinking capabilities.
  • Build social skills via activities your child loves.
  • Encourage creativity through unique creative arts.
  • Feed their funny bone with humor.

  • Q-Bitz Extreme *NEW* Quarto!
    MSRP: $24.95
    Our Price: $22.45
    You save $2.50!
    MSRP: $32.00
    Our Price: $28.75
    You save $3.25!
    Q-Bitz Extreme Puzzle Game by Mindware Quarto Gigamic Strategy Board Game for Gifted Kids
    Ages 8+. Popular Q-Bitz is now curved and geometric!

    Q-BITZ EXTREME fingers-on game is a fun exercise in visual thinking, memory, problem solving and spatial awareness.

    Q-Bitz lovers of all ages will be enamored with this newest version of their old favorite!
    Ages 6+. Mensa Select Award. Major Fun. Parents' Choice.

    QUARTO is an engaging game of similarities! Players of this quick-play, visual game put 4 pieces sharing a similar feature in a row. But there's a twist! Opponents control what piece you play!

    The simplicity appeals to younger kids, complexities are enticing for older kids!
    Line Tracking Mouse Kit (Soldering) Imaginets
    MSRP: $39.95
    Our Price: $35.95
    You save $4.00!
    MSRP: $29.95
    Our Price: $26.95
    You save $3.00!
    Line Tracking Mouse Robotics Kit by Elenco Imaginets by Mindware
    Ages 14+. Clever kids will delight with this LINE TRACKING MOUSE!

    Using 3 photo interrupters as eyes, this robot distinguishes between black and white by projecting infrared rays. Create a road layout with black electronic tape or draw it with a black marker on white paper. See what happens!

    Your engineer-in-training will find LINE TRACKING MOUSE appealing to build, and absorbing to operate. Just watch as play goes on and on, and is more creative as layouts become more inventive!
    Ages 3-6. Inspire wonderful block building creations! Take block building to a new level.

    Cards with 50 full-color designs inspire wonderful creations, all made with the 42 well-crafted, colorful magnetic blocks. Your child will build fine motor and visual thinking skills!

    Great for building math spatial skills in young children!
    Engino 30 V2: Model Building Kit with Motor Perplexus Rookie
    MSRP: $74.95
    Our Price: $67.45
    You save $7.50!
    MSRP: $22.49
    Our Price: $20.65
    You save $1.84!
    Engino 30 Model Building Kit with Motor PlaSmart Perplexus Rookie 3D Puzzle Game
    Ages 6-13. Kids will combine creativity, invention and building with this unique construction kit!

    ENGINO building system uses multi-faceted rods and connectors that allow connectivity up to 6 sides at the same time. This allows easy creation of simple or complex models using a low number of different parts.

    ENGINO 30 includes 193 parts with instructions for 30 models (8 included, 22 to download). Once kids see the possibilities of how the parts work together, they can invent their own creations!
    Ages 4+. PERPLEXUS ROOKIE is a 3D "BALL" of fun!

    Kids won't be able to keep their hands off this 3D maze puzzle game. Players maneuver a small marble around a labyrinth of maze barriers inside a transparent ball.

    Since the puzzle is self-contained, it is great for travel. Interesting puzzle for classrooms, waiting rooms, living rooms, and desktops!

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