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It's all about PACE and COMPLEXITY! We want to help you...
  • Support your child's pace of individualized learning.
  • Encourage a life long love of reading.
  • Suggest how to provide a variety of activities.
  • Nurture problem-solving and higher-level-thinking capabilities.
  • Build social skills via activities your child loves.
  • Encourage creativity through unique creative arts.
  • Feed their funny bone with humor.

  • Q-Bitz Extreme *NEW* Qwirkle
    MSRP: $24.95
    Our Price: $22.45
    You save $2.50!
    MSRP: $24.95
    Our Price: $22.45
    You save $2.50!
    Q-Bitz Extreme Puzzle Game by Mindware Qwirkle Game by Mindware
    Ages 8+. Popular Q-Bitz is now curved and geometric!

    Q-BITZ EXTREME fingers-on game is a fun exercise in visual thinking, memory, problem solving and spatial awareness.

    Q-Bitz lovers of all ages will be enamored with this newest version of their old favorite!
    Ages 6+. MENSA Select game. Major Fun Award. Many other awards.

    A game that simply matches colors and shapes while rewarding strategic thinking! A VERY popular strategy and educational game!
    Deluxe Learn to Solder Kit (Soldering) Word Winks
    MSRP: $39.95
    Our Price: $35.95
    You save $4.00!
    MSRP: $12.95
    Our Price: $11.65
    You save $1.30!
    Elenco SK-175: Deluxe Learn to Solder Kit Mindware Even More Word Winks Visual Puzzles
    Ages 12+. DELUXE LEARN TO SOLDER kit from Elenco goes beyond!

    Everything in the AmeriKit AK-100 Learn to Solder kit and then some. More tools and an electronically controled soldering station make this a "complete" set for a new or experienced solderer.

    Build your engineering and electronics skills by learning and practicing how to solder.

    By learning how to solder, a new world of electronics and robotics kits will be open to you! Great learning project for clubs, boy scouts, schools, homeschool, and at home!
    Ages 10+. Over 300 visual verbal puzzles. Look once, think twice!

    Ready to put that brain muscle to work? Get ready to give both the right and left sides of your minda  workout with Word Winks.

    Each puzzle provides word and picture clues that challenge you to decrypt a popular phrase or idiom - so they're great as a daily brain boost taht always makes you THINK!
    Tangoes Junior Quarto!
    MSRP: $29.95
    Our Price: $26.95
    You save $3.00!
    MSRP: $32.00
    Our Price: $28.75
    You save $3.25!
    Tangoes Junior Tangrams Puzzle Game for Kids Quarto Gigamic Strategy Board Game for Gifted Kids
    Ages 4+. Oppenheim Gold Seal. Dr Toy Smart Play/Smart Toy. All the fun and challenge of tangram puzzles for kids!

    With a large playing surface, seven magnetic puzzle pieces and recognizable puzzles, younger kids can create classic tangram images!

    All seven puzzle pieces store in the side drawer and all puzzle cards store beneath the playing surface. With an integrated carry handle, TANGOES JUNIOR is great for on-the-go fun!
    Ages 6+. Mensa Select Award. Major Fun. Parents' Choice.

    QUARTO is an engaging game of similarities! Players of this quick-play, visual game put 4 pieces sharing a similar feature in a row. But there's a twist! Opponents control what piece you play!

    The simplicity appeals to younger kids, complexities are enticing for older kids!

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