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It's all about PACE and COMPLEXITY! We want to help you...
  • Support your child's pace of individualized learning.
  • Encourage a life long love of reading.
  • Suggest how to provide a variety of activities.
  • Nurture problem-solving and higher-level-thinking capabilities.
  • Build social skills via activities your child loves.
  • Encourage creativity through unique creative arts.
  • Feed their funny bone with humor.

  • Bridge Mania Wind Power 2.0
    MSRP: $79.99
    Our Price: $71.99
    You save $8.00!
    MSRP: $45.95
    Our Price: $41.30
    You save $4.65!
    Bridges Mania Building Set Wind Power 2.0 by Thames & Kosmos
    Ages 6+. Dr Toy Award. Parents Choice Award. Other awards.

    Build amazing bridges as you learn construction engineering with BRIDGES & TURNPIKE, a girder and panel model building set. Try building a suspension bridge, a truss bridge, and MORE!

    Hours and hours of building fun are in the future with this fine bridge building set!
    Ages 8+. Give your child a head-start in learning the science of alternative energy as part of energy independence solutions.

    Build a working wind turbine. Generate electricity to light an LED and charge a battery. Learn the physics of wind turbines. Analyze the different turbine configurations to discover which ones work best in particular wind conditions. Then power up a rechargeable battery (not included) and build one of six vehicle models, and watch it go!

    This science kit creatively integrates the physics of force and motion, with the earth science of how the sun makes the wind. A great science fair project for kids!
    Perplexus Rookie Deluxe Learn to Solder Kit (Soldering)
    MSRP: $22.49
    Our Price: $20.65
    You save $1.84!
    MSRP: $39.95
    Our Price: $35.95
    You save $4.00!
    PlaSmart Perplexus Rookie 3D Puzzle Game Elenco SK-175: Deluxe Learn to Solder Kit
    Ages 4+. PERPLEXUS ROOKIE is a 3D "BALL" of fun!

    Kids won't be able to keep their hands off this 3D maze puzzle game. Players maneuver a small marble around a labyrinth of maze barriers inside a transparent ball.

    Since the puzzle is self-contained, it is great for travel. Interesting puzzle for classrooms, waiting rooms, living rooms, and desktops!
    Ages 12+. DELUXE LEARN TO SOLDER kit from Elenco goes beyond!

    Everything in the AmeriKit AK-100 Learn to Solder kit and then some. More tools and an electronically controled soldering station make this a "complete" set for a new or experienced solderer.

    Build your engineering and electronics skills by learning and practicing how to solder.

    By learning how to solder, a new world of electronics and robotics kits will be open to you! Great learning project for clubs, boy scouts, schools, homeschool, and at home!
    Tangoes Junior Engino 30 V2: Model Building Kit with Motor
    MSRP: $29.95
    Our Price: $26.95
    You save $3.00!
    MSRP: $74.95
    Our Price: $67.45
    You save $7.50!
    Tangoes Junior Tangrams Puzzle Game for Kids Engino 30 Model Building Kit with Motor
    Ages 4+. Oppenheim Gold Seal. Dr Toy Smart Play/Smart Toy. All the fun and challenge of tangram puzzles for kids!

    With a large playing surface, seven magnetic puzzle pieces and recognizable puzzles, younger kids can create classic tangram images!

    All seven puzzle pieces store in the side drawer and all puzzle cards store beneath the playing surface. With an integrated carry handle, TANGOES JUNIOR is great for on-the-go fun!
    Ages 6-13. Kids will combine creativity, invention and building with this unique construction kit!

    ENGINO building system uses multi-faceted rods and connectors that allow connectivity up to 6 sides at the same time. This allows easy creation of simple or complex models using a low number of different parts.

    ENGINO 30 includes 193 parts with instructions for 30 models (8 included, 22 to download). Once kids see the possibilities of how the parts work together, they can invent their own creations!

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