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It's all about PACE and COMPLEXITY! We want to help you...
  • Support your child's pace of individualized learning.
  • Encourage a life long love of reading.
  • Suggest how to provide a variety of activities.
  • Nurture problem-solving and higher-level-thinking capabilities.
  • Build social skills via activities your child loves.
  • Encourage creativity through unique creative arts.
  • Feed their funny bone with humor.

  • Architecto Game Line Tracking Mouse Kit (Soldering)
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    MSRP: $39.95
    Our Price: $35.95
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    Architecto 3D Visual Spatial Building Game Line Tracking Mouse Robotics Kit by Elenco
    Ages 7+. A great building game! Build 3D models from 2D illustrations. Use 18 geometric building blocks to build 50 structures. Great for building geometric and visual spatial skills!

    ARCHITECTO is especially appealing to boys as they build geometric and architectural figures, along with models of things like a train, tank, car, jet plane, boats, rocket, farm buildings, an airplane and more!
    Ages 14+. Clever kids will delight with this LINE TRACKING MOUSE!

    Using 3 photo interrupters as eyes, this robot distinguishes between black and white by projecting infrared rays. Create a road layout with black electronic tape or draw it with a black marker on white paper. See what happens!

    Your engineer-in-training will find LINE TRACKING MOUSE appealing to build, and absorbing to operate. Just watch as play goes on and on, and is more creative as layouts become more inventive!
    In The Garden Classroom Pack Scrambled States of America Game
    MSRP: $43.95
    Our Price: $40.45
    You save $3.50!
    MSRP: $14.95
    Our Price: $13.95
    You save $1.00!
    In The Garden Classroom Pack Tessellation Patterns Scrambled States of America Game
    For preschool, kids, adults, seniors. Make incredibly fun patterns with these beautiful artful foam pieces!

    Use ladybugs, butterflies, caterpillars, flowers, and leaves to make tessellations. Rearrange for fun over and over again. Your only limitation is your imagination!

    231 puzzle pieces are enough for 10-15 students in a classroom or group setting.
    Ages 8+. NAGC. Dr Toy Awards. Oppenheim Gold Award. Many other awards. A whimsical, mad-dashing geography game.

    Players learn the names, capitals, nicknames, shapes, and positions of the states through a myriad of visual teasers, language riddles and geography challenges.  

    After playing, you will see that there's more to the 50 States than meets the eye!
    Motors & Generators Quoridor
    MSRP: $32.95
    Our Price: $29.60
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    MSRP: $32.00
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    Motors & Generators by Thames & Kosmos Quoridor Classic Gigamic Strategy Board Game for Gifted Kids
    Ages 8+. Do you know what the hand crank was used for on the first telephones?

    How can you make your motor produce more power? What makes the wire inside a light bulb light up? Which mode of transportation is free of emissions (a motor scooter, an airplane, modern trains)?

    These are just some of the things you will discover with this science experiment kit!

    Your fledgling mechanical engineer will have a "powerful" experience with MOTORS & GENERATORS!
    Ages 6+. Mensa Select. Games Magazine Game of the Year.

    An amazing maze! The aim is to reach the other end first. The problem is that your opponent puts up fences to slow you down! Not to worry, there's always a way out. But who will find the shortest route?

    Gigamic games have an earned reputation of high quality, unusual, engaging games. QUORIDOR is one of their best!

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