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Mindware Analogy Challenges Worksheets for Kids
4 Levels of Analogy Challenges!
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"ANALOGY CHALLENGES" Word Analogies Series::
Presenting a fast, fun way to help kids build logical thinking and expand their vocabulary.
ANALOGY CHALLENGES are a series of fast-moving puzzles, with each page presenting five different analogies. Sove the first four, and get hints for the fifth challenge analogy!
These fun puzzles are designed to give kids a strong foundation for standardized tests while expanding their vocabulary and challenging their creative thinking.
Perfectly suited for quick lessons, extra credit, and taking advantage of spare minutes.
ANALOGY CHALLENGES are to learning as laughing is to fun!

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Workbook Levels:
Beginner Level: Grades K-2. The analogies in this Beginner Level start with pictures. Kids will look at the pictures and will need to solve the puzzles by considering relationships. There are 4 puzzles on each page. Younger children are encouraged to categorize in simpler, easier ways. The puzzles in the second half of the book are written as sentences, rather than with pictures. Kids will combine beginning reading and vocabulary skills as they solve the puzzles. For example, "turtle is to slow as rabbit is to (hop, tail, happy, fast)". Kids pick from a list of multiple choice answers. Each of the 4 puzzles on a page contain a clue used to solve the challenge analogy on the bottom of the page.
Level A: Grades 3-5. Level A increases the development of skills by using more challenging puzzles, and by using analogy symbols in the puzzles. For example, instead of using words, "dog is to canine as cat is to feline", symbols are used, "dog : canine : : cat : feline". 4 puzzles on each page have 1 or more clues that need to be unscrambled to solve a challenge puzzle at the bottom of the page. In addition, there are 16 or so pages of puzzles without multiple choice answers, where kids come up with their own answers.
Level B: Grades 6-8. Level B increases the challenge with the use of advanced vocabulary and more difficult puzzle logic. In addition, puzzles are introduced whereby there are two pieces missing from the solution. For example, "whip:crack :: (horn:blow, teacher:book, wrench:tool, piano: instrument). The answer is "whip:crack :: horn:blow".
Advanced Level: Grades 9-12. The Advanced Level includes very advanced vocabulary. An example from the first half of the book is, "words:philology :: (definitions, alphabetizing, spelling, sounds):orthography". An example from the second half of the book is, "abrogate:(abridge, commit, repay, repeal) :: adjudicate:decide". The answer is "abrogate:repeal :: adjudicate:decide".
Workbook Specifications:
Workbook Size: 8.5" x 11"
Workbook Weight: 0.5 lbs

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